IPW Council


The IPW Council oversees community-level planning, communication among stakeholders, and identifies newcomer needs to enhance economic and social inclusion in Winnipeg. Comprised of representatives from diverse sectors, they advocate for progressive immigration policies, foster collaboration, and work towards successful newcomer integration, following values of acceptance, trust, and inclusivity. The Council’s efforts aim to develop a Local Settlement Strategy and Action Plan to support the successful integration of newcomers into Winnipeg’s community and economy.


  • Loren Remillard — Co-Chair
  •  Salwa Meddri
  • Kate Kehler
  • Louise Simbandumwe
  • Rey Pagtakhan
  • Jason Granger
  • Alexandre Racine
  • Clayton Sandy
  • Sylvie Auger
  • Allana Carlyle — Co-Chair
  • Dave Thorne
  • Vicki Sinclair
  • Cindy Fernandes
  • Cindy Frost
  • Kathy Knudsen
  • Natasha Mohammed
  • Richard Cloutier
  • Brian O’Leary

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