What We Do

Immigration Partnership Winnipeg is a collaborative organization in Winnipeg, Manitoba, focused on coordinating and improving integration and settlement for newcomers through research, community engagement, policy development, capacity building, and communication efforts.

IPW Council

The IPW Council oversees community-level planning, communication among stakeholders, and identifies newcomer needs to enhance economic and social inclusion in Winnipeg. They advocate for progressive immigration policies, foster collaboration, and work towards successful newcomer integration.

Sector Tables and Coalitions

Immigrant Advisory Table

The Immigrant Advisory Table in Winnipeg is a group of former refugees and immigrants who provide expertise and perspectives on immigration and newcomer communities. They play a vital role in shaping Immigration Partnership Winnipeg’s Strategic Plan by offering input, ensuring alignment with community needs, and providing feedback on plan implementation. By including individuals with lived experiences, the advisory table enhances decision-making, incorporates diverse viewpoints, and understands the unique challenges faced by newcomers. Their involvement helps IPW align its initiatives and programs with the real-life experiences and requirements of immigrants, fostering an inclusive and supportive environment in Winnipeg. communities’ needs in Winnipeg, and provide feedback on the implementation of the Strategic Plan

Indigenous & Newcomer Engagement Sector Table & Indigenous Consultation Circle

The INEST is a group of respected community members of both Indigenous and Newcomer communities dedicated to enhance the building of bridges between newcomers and indigenous communities in Winnipeg. Together we work to create opportunities for partnership with members of the indigenous community and organizations serving indigenous communities to share commonalities, build solidarity, and address issues that negatively impact both communities.


Established in 2018, the ICC works to advise IPW on all Indigenous related projects. They ensure that all aspects of projects are culturally informed and appropriate language and terms are used. 

Newcomer Ethnocultural Youth Council of Winnipeg

The Newcomer Ethnocultural Youth Council of Winnipeg (NEYCW) is a voluntary youth group established to get newcomer youth engaged in community with the ultimate goal of advising social, settlement organizations, governments, business community, unions, universities and colleges on needs and priorities of newcomer youth. 

Civic Engagement & Inclusion Sector Table

The CEI Sector Table is an engaged, action-orientated, social justice rooted group that is dedicated to raising awareness about barriers to inclusion for newcomers, increasing newcomers participation in civic life, and bringing newcomer voices to decision makers. 

Newcomer Ethnocultural-led Mental Health Sector Table

The goal of this table is to provide a forum to mobilize and share knowledge related to mental health with the aim of changing mindsets among the newcomer community and influencing mental health policy and programming. Additionally, the goal is to improve existing mainstream mental health services in order to make the system more inclusive.

Employment Sector Table​

The IPW Employment Sector Table is composed of employment stakeholders from various sectors that analyze, prioritize, build awareness around and act on key issues that influence the success, inclusion of newcomers in Winnipeg workplaces.

Independant Organizations

Created in Partnership & Supported by IPW

Newcomer Education Coalition

To work collaboratively with various stakeholders including community groups, settlement agencies, educational institutions, ethno-cultural communities, health & social service agencies and government to improve the educational outcomes of newcomer children and youth in the K-12 school system in Manitoba. This includes working to improve the success of newcomer children and youth in the areas of Literacy, Academics and Language (LAL), high school graduation and wellness, as well as ensuring that youth have the tools, supports and opportunities to pursue post-secondary education. 

Ethnocultural Council of Manitoba

The Ethnocultural Council of Manitoba is a non-profit organization based in Manitoba, Canada. It promotes understanding, cooperation, and respect among diverse ethnocultural communities in the province. Through advocacy, education, and collaborative initiatives, the council strives to preserve, celebrate, and promote the rich cultural heritage of Manitoba’s diverse population. It works towards building a more inclusive and harmonious society, fostering a sense of belonging for all residents, regardless of their ethnic backgrounds.

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