Tool Kits

Bread and Borders Tool kit

The Bread and Borders Toolkit is a comprehensive resource comprising various sections aimed at promoting understanding and fostering positive conversations between individuals. It includes an introduction and preparatory sections, conversation processes for engaging with both new and old friends, debunking myths about refugees, and a refugee quiz answer key. The toolkit also offers engagement processes for medium to large groups, activities like the Four Corners, and addresses common misconceptions about refugee claimants. Additionally, it provides a glossary, sources, tips for leading conversations, agreements, and actionable steps to make a difference.

Indigenous Orientation Tool kit

The Indigenous Orientation Toolkit, a collaborative effort between Immigration Partnership Winnipeg and various organizations, serves to unite Indigenous and newcomer communities in Manitoba. Through educating newly arrived immigrants and refugees about Indigenous history, culture, and present-day circumstances, the toolkit fosters cultural safety, dispels misconceptions, and nurtures comprehension and backing for Indigenous matters. By bridging this divide, the toolkit facilitates respectful and inclusive interactions, promoting a more harmonious and informed society in Manitoba.

Resources From Our Partners

Anti-Racism in Sports

Anti-racism in sports resources play a vital role in fostering an inclusive and equitable sports environment. These resources encompass educational materials, training programs, and awareness campaigns that challenge discrimination and promote diversity in sports. By providing athletes, coaches, and organizations with valuable insights and tools, these resources aim to combat racism, prejudice, and bias. Emphasizing respect, fairness, and unity, they contribute to creating a more welcoming and supportive sports community for everyone, regardless of their background or ethnicity.

Newcomer Education Coalition Resources

The Newcomer Education Coalition of Manitoba is a valuable resource hub dedicated to supporting newcomers in their educational journey. Offering a wide array of resources, including language programs, settlement guides, and academic support materials, the Coalition ensures a smooth transition for newcomers into the Manitoba education system. By promoting inclusivity and cultural understanding, the Coalition’s resources empower newcomers to succeed academically and integrate seamlessly into their new communities.

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