Employment Sector Table


IPW’s Employment Sector Table is composed of employment stakeholders from various sectors in Winnipeg that analyze, prioritize, build awareness around and act on key issues that influence the success and inclusion of newcomers in Winnipeg workplaces.


  1. Employer and Stakeholder Engagement;

  2. Credential Recognition for Internationally Educated Professionals and Skilled Workers; and

  3. Newcomers Secure Meaningful Employment


Sector Table members are individuals who are committed to enhancing the employment opportunities for all newcomers in Winnipeg. These members can be individuals; representatives of specific sectors, businesses or employers; or representatives of key organizations whose perspectives and expertise could add value to the activities of the sector table.


Member Commitment

  • To attend 4-6 meetings a year and provide guidance and advice on Sector Table initiatives and share their expertise.

  • To commit to the Sector Table for at least one year, and there is no maximum length that a member can sit on the Sector Table.

Why Become a Member of the Employment Sector Table

    • Have your experience, expertise, and advice used to develop more inclusive workplaces in Winnipeg

    • Receive training on workplace EDI practices and best practices for creating an inclusive workplace

    • Expand your network and connections with other employment stakeholders in Winnipeg

    • Learn of relevant events and services available in the City

    • Give back to your community.


Ajibola Akindipe, New Media Manitoba

Anjana Kattel, Immigrant Centre Manitoba

Amie Membreno, Immigrant Centre Manitoba

Andrea Aiello, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters

Barb Bowen, Manitoba Aerospace

Diane Burelle, City of Winnipeg

Carinna Rosales, SEED Winnipeg

Elizabeth Cron, Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce

Gaurav Sharma, Edge Skills Centre

Gololcha Boru, City of Winnipeg

Natasha Jainarine, Province of Manitoba

Sonya Hince, Manitoba Start

Lizeth Ardila, Seed Winnipeg

Shannon MacKay, Province of Manitoba

Maria Polovinka, Opportunities for Employment

Maria Rabadi, Canadian Muslim Women’s Institute

Maricel Bucher, NEEDS Centre

Monika Feist (Chair), Success Skills Centre

Michelle Johnson, Red River College

Nef Villagonzalo, SEED Winnipeg

Patty Griffith, Supply Chain Canada

Ralph Kurth, Stantec

Ramir Diaz, Manitoba Construction Sector Council

Seid Oumer, Manitoba Association of Newcomer Serving Organizations

Shakerah Jones Hall, University of Manitoba – Access Hub for Internationally Educated Healthcare Professionals

Sanjana Vijayann, Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce

Todd Demers, City of Winnipeg

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