Newcomer Ethnocultural-led Mental Health Sector Table


The Newcomer Ethnocultural-Led Framework for Mental Health in Winnipeg, established by Immigration Partnership Winnipeg (IPW), aims to enhance mental health support for newcomers and ethnocultural communities. The framework prioritizes collaboration, cultural responsiveness, and reducing stigma. It seeks to improve mental health services by involving diverse stakeholders such as health systems, ethnocultural groups, and non-profit mental health providers. The framework sets objectives like establishing a Mental Health Sector Table, organizing community forums, addressing stigma, and enhancing crisis response. Its membership encompasses representatives from health, community, faith, LGBTQ, and academic sectors. The Sector Table’s co-chairs include a newcomer with lived experience. Qualifications for members include program experience, newcomer or ethnocultural leadership, and lived newcomer experience. The IPW acts as the secretariat, coordinating activities and reporting. This initiative is a step towards fostering inclusive mental health support and informed policy change.


  • Heather Robertson
  • Sandra Albanez
  • Brittney Singh
  • Evelyn Agedzi
  • Ebenezer Ayim
  • Nwanaemelu Uche
  • Mildrate Matanga
  • Winifred Vugampore
  • Musaka Sad
  • Amna Iqbal
  • Roselyn Advincula
  • Clayton Sandy
  • Abigail Alegaspi
  • Jenna Holowachuk
  • Marnermoo Galloway-White
  • Maggie Yeboah

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