Got Citizenship? Go Vote!

Manitoba General Election

Immigration Partnership Winnipeg encourages eligible newcomers to exercise their voting right! Planning to vote on Election Day? Consider these factors when making your voting plan.

What To Do

Determine your eligibility: 18+, Canadian citizen, 6 months in your ward. Qualify? Great! Register to vote – do it ahead or at polls. Your readiness matters – be prepared to exercise your right!

Get out and vote!

Why does it Matter?

What to Know?

Approximately 25% of Winnipeg’s population comprises newcomers, projected to reach 41% by 2041. Voting empowers citizens to influence education, transportation costs, small business taxes, and policing, essential aspects of city life.

Non-participation threatens the democratic process.

Mark your calendar for the Manitoba General Election on October 3, 2023. With only 61% turnout last time, every vote counts. Immigrant and refugee voices matter – their participation is often low, despite a projected 2 in 5 population by 2041.

Shape our future; exercise your right to vote!

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