Got Citizenship Go Vote! 2023

Are you a newcomer in Manitoba and got a citizenship? Your voice matters, and now is the time to make it heard! Manitoba General Elections is coming up on October the 3rd.


The “Got Citizenship? Go Vote!” campaign, led by Immigration Partnership Winnipeg (IPW), is here to provide you with information for you to exercise your right of voting. Got Citizenship? Go Vote exists to provide non-partisan information, resources, and support, ensuring that your voice and the voices of other newcomers are heard in shaping the community you now call home.


Approximately 25% of Winnipeg’s population comprises newcomers, a number projected to reach 41% by 2041. Despite this growing demographic, voter turnout among newcomers, as well as the general public, remains low. This is where the “Got Citizenship? Go Vote!” campaign comes in.


In the last election, only 61.6% of eligible voters participated – a statistic we can change. Your vote carries weight, particularly as a newcomer. Despite projections suggesting that newcomers could make up 41% of Winnipeg’s population by 2041, their participation in elections remains low. It’s time to alter this trend and ensure that your needs, concerns, and hopes are represented in the decisions that shape your new home.


Voting isn’t just a right – it’s a powerful tool for change. By participating in the democratic process, you have the chance to influence decisions about things that matter to you and your family life. Among them are education, health, labour standards, social services and housing. As a citizen you have the right to make your unique perspective and experiences as a newcomer acknowledged through your vote.


Here’s how you can access elections related information and to get involved:


1. Register to Vote: Ensure you’re registered well in advance, either ahead of time or on the day of the election at the polls. Preparation is key to exercising your right effectively.


2. Are you a newcomer and going to vote for the first time? Encourage fellow newcomers to join you in this essential civic duty. Share the importance of voting and the impact it can have on the community. Review the information below:


3. Stay Informed: Research the candidates, their policies, and their plans for Manitoba’s? future. Being informed allows you to make a choice that aligns with your values and aspirations.


4. Circle the Date: On October 3, 2023, Manitobans will head to the polls. By marking this date on your calendar, you’re committing to being a part of the decision-making process. Below is a list of important dates:


5. General information for the media:


6. Do you know there is a change in elections voting in 2023? General information about how the voting will be conducted:


The “Got Citizenship? Go Vote!” campaign provides non-partisan elections-related information to newcomers who are voting for the first time and educates newcomers in general on civic matters. Through this initiative, newcomers receive the tools and information needed to exercise their voting rights. Let’s make the 2023 Manitoba General Elections a turning point in newcomer engagement. By voting, you contribute to a stronger, more inclusive Winnipeg City that takes into account the diverse perspectives that make up its community.


Don’t miss this chance to shape your future and the future of your city. Exercise your right to vote – because every voice counts.