What is Preventing Newcomers from Accessing Settlement Services?

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Canada has long been known as a welcoming country for immigrants and refugees, offering a range of settlement services to help newcomers integrate into society and find success in their new home. However, recent studies suggest that there is room for improvement in the effectiveness of these services. To address this issue, researchers conducted a study to assess the effectiveness of pre-departure and post-arrival settlement services for immigrants and refugees in Canada.

The study found that while most respondents used some form of settlement services, many felt that the services were not tailored to their individual needs and lacked information on local labor markets and job prospects. Additionally, many respondents expressed a desire for more personalized assistance and guidance throughout the settlement process.

To improve the effectiveness of settlement services, the report recommends expanding the orientation program provided to immigrants and refugees prior to their arrival in Canada to include more specific information on local labor markets and job prospects. It also suggests providing more timely information on localized supports and services to help newcomers settle successfully. Furthermore, the report emphasizes the importance of recognizing the contributions of ethnocultural community organizations and members of newcomer community groups as avenues for sharing information on settlement agencies and the services they provide.

Additionally, the report highlights the need to create programs that address the different qualifications of people, including specific programs for highly skilled individuals. It also stresses the importance of involving the private sector business in the welcoming and inclusion of newcomers and creating hubs that link employers to newcomers.

Finally, the report suggests setting up a welcome and reception center at the airport or an accessible center like City Hall and providing similar information to all neighborhood-based community centers to ensure that newcomers have easy access to information that will be helpful in their settlement.

In conclusion, the report provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of settlement services for immigrants and refugees in Canada. While there is still room for improvement, the recommendations outlined in the report can go a long way towards improving the effectiveness of these services. By implementing the suggestions made in the report, we can help improve the lives of immigrants and refugees in Canada.